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      The main products of the henan province environmental protection equipment:The brick dust removal desulfurization tower、 Tunnel kiln desulfurization dusting tower、Brick factory granite dust removal desulfurization tower
      Henan environmental protection equipment co., LTD
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     Henan environmental protection equipment co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Design、Production、Sales for the integration of environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises,The company is located in hebei hengshui zaoqiang FRP industry park,Cover an area of an area20000?,(The building area8200?)。Existing fixed assets3000Ten thousand yuan,Employees108People,Senior engineer10People,Assistant engineer29People,The technician226People,Annual production capacity of up to8000More than ten thousand yuan。 Hebei zhongtai ze environmental protection equipment co., LTD mainly deals in fiberglass products and composite materials,Atmospheric pollution control equipment、Purification and energy saving equipment、Desulfurization dust removal equipment、Glass fiber reinforced plastic cable tray、Stents、Moulded products、Septic tanks;Environmental protection engineering design、Gas regulator device。Has now completed several desulfurization dust removal equipment engineering case throughout the country,Customers are widely distributed,Product quality has been well received。…More and more>>>

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